How do you feel………about yourself?

30 Oct

When I first decided to start writing with a focus on women and crossfit I asked all the girls at the gym what they thought crossfit was. I posted some of the comments on OCC’s website and there was something about what most of the ladies said that has been on my mind. I’m pretty sure its a fact that most people feel better when they look better and we have been talking about our transformations due to crossfit and diet for a while now. I am amazed by the results that people have when they start doing crossfit. I know how some people who have never gone to crossfit are probably skeptical and expect some media person to blow this whole thing out of the water when they find out we are all taking some pill or something. With all this body talk, I keep coming back to the thing that all the girls talked about and this feeling I have in the pit of my stomach.

It’s “How do you define yourself?”. If its by your looks then “SOLD!!” you are in the right place, come to crossfit and do the diet and BAM you have a great body! GO TEAM!   BUT the girls that answered my question about defining crossfit did not say gives you a smoking hot body. They used words like: stong mind and body, community, family, strength, pushing to highest potential, and staying healthy and everyone mentioned how others are there to support and push you to achieve your goals.


If you think about it, those thoughts are so powerful. AND I think more and more people are defining themselves not by what their body looks like and more about how they feel about themselves. You have to see all of Dove’s new campaign for real beauty, it puts things in perspective. Now here is where the tie in comes…….after thinking about what the girls said and working out with these girls everyday I realized that they are helping me feel better about myself and everyone is helping each other define themselves not by what they look like but by how they feel on the inside. The confidence they are building, the challenges they are overcoming, the relationships they are building, the laughter they are sharing, the struggles they are getting support for, and the teamwork they are learning.

When you go to bed and its that last-minute before you pull the covers back and put your feet in ask yourself “How do I define myself?”

One Response to “How do you feel………about yourself?”

  1. ppaula October 31, 2009 at 12:33 am #

    Right on my friend!!!

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