And the Winner is……

28 Oct

We just completed the first ever 8 week “Paleo Challenge” at the gym. Each person that entered had to transform their diet into eating like cave men. Sounds crazy but Paleo is actually a very good way to be eating. It’s basically eating anything that has a face, comes out of the ground, or off a tree. So for 8 weeks all the participants changed their eating habits and kept coming to crossfit. So we had 3 women enter the challenge and the results were amazing. But don’t let me tell you, see for yourself.

Jen aka“Paleo Jen”

Jen's Paleo Challenge

Jen came to crossfit and jumped in with both feet! She was so excited about the challenge she started her own blog to track her eating and results. She has come so far with all the exercises and always has this huge smile on her face. I had the chance to ask her a few questions about the challenge and here is what she said:

Punky: What did you do for exercise before you found Crossfit?

Jen: I exercised sporadically with a mix of Bikram yoga, spinning and regular gym workouts. For awhile I was doing those lame 24 lift classes at 24 Hour Sickness (as Forrest likes to call it)

Punky: What is your favorite paleo meal?

Jen: I LOVE breakfast scrambles. I like to change them up a lot. But one of my favorites has turkey sausage, mushrooms, shallots and garlic, and spinach. Plus, a cup of coffee with a splash of heavy cream.
Punky: Did you notice any differences in yourself other than the physical change?

Jen: Definitely. I have never been so mentally strong. When I started CrossFit, I never imagined I could do a pull up, and I have. I write food reviews for a newspaper, and I never thought I could have the discipline (or the desire) to cut out foods that are bad for me. But it was really easy. CrossFit has helped me have the confidence to approach all sorts of challenges in my life because I know if hard work got me strong enough to dead lift 200 pounds, I can figure out how to do just about anything. Just this weekend, my roommate and I pulled down all the cabinets in our kitchen, sanded and painted the whole room, and put back on all the hardware. It was a lot of work, and honestly there were times when I wondered what the hell we had gotten ourselves into. It was the same feeling you get halfway through Fran, except I didn’t want to puke. But I knew we’d do it, and if we messed up anything, we could fix it. I didn’t have that kind of confidence before.

Punky: What advice would you give someone who was interested in starting a paleo lifestyle?

Jen: Don’t cheat the first month at all. Eating is a slippery slope, especially when your body is adjusting to a new way of eating. It’s really easy to let yourself have just one piece of cake, or just a little cheese on top of your veggies. Eventually, you’re right that it won’t kill anyone. But in the beginning, allowing yourself to eat those old comfort foods will only make you crave them more and will delay your body’s adjustment to eating cleaner foods. Secondly, find paleo indulgences, things that you’ll crave when you used to crave sweets or bread. I love frozen grapes instead of ice cream And finally, stick with it, even if your body is doing funky things at first as you adjust. It will get better and you’ll feel great!

Congratulations Jen for winning the challenge!!!


Lindsay Paleo Challenge

I don’t get to see Lindsay that much because she works out in the morning, but when I do get to see her it is always a pleasure. I hear through the communication channels that she is making these amazing feats with her lifting and WODs. She is definitely one of the girls to beat at the gym. When I saw her picture I was so stoked for her. I think she has made a great change!! Lets hear what she had to say.

Punky: What did you do for exercise before you found Crossfit?

Lindsay: before crossfit I was doing bikram yoga and running 2-3 days a week. Now I try to get in the gym 5 times a week if I my schedule allows it.

Punky: What is your favorite paleo meal?

Lindsay: I don’t cook much so I had the challenge of finding places where I could get a paleo meal on the run. My favorite paleo meal was chipotle’s burrito bowl with no rice and cheese. I asked for extra veggies and lettuce. Jen is the one who told me about it. I also went to mother’s market a lot and got meals from there cafe.

Punky: Did you notice any differences in yourself other than the physical change?

Lindsay: I didn’t really notice any major differences besides weight loss and less bloating. My periods are definitely lighter but that could also be due to the fact that I am working out more than I ever have in my whole life. (Lindsay wasn’t sure if I wanted to put that part in the post but we will definitely address this issue in another post in the future so stay tuned)

Punky: What advice would you give someone who was interested in starting a paleo lifestyle?

Lindsay: Do a lot of research!! Learn about what you can and can not eat before you start. I didn’t so I was learning along the way!

Great job Lindsay! You are doing so great!!


Punky Paleo challenge

Most of my blog readers have read my full story but basically I had been doing the paleo diet for two months prior to the actual challenge and had lost 25 lbs. I kept losing weight during the actual challenge.

What did you do for exercise before you found Crossfit?

Punky: I actually did a lot of exercise, I was training for a triathlon so I was running and riding my bicycle quite a bit. I was also going to the gym and lifting weights 3 times a week. But I was not getting the results I wanted and still not getting the weight off.

What is your favorite paleo meal?

Punky: I love Trader Joes Frozen Mahi Mahi, I cook that on my George Forman Grill and have some asparagus with olive oil and garlic salt with a side of Almonds. But my most favorite meal is an apple. I guess they keep the doctor away too.

Did you notice any differences in yourself other than the physical change?

Punky: I hate to say this in public and all but I had no gas! I mean none. Its not like I passed gas all the time before the diet but it was very noticable that I didn’t do it at all. And my stomach felt less bloated when I ate. Now if you smell something when you are around me I will tell you ITS NOT ME!!

What advice would you give someone who was interested in starting a paleo lifestyle?

Punky: In the beginning watch your portions. Some people think you can eat as much as you want as long as its Paleo and I think for girls that should be taken with a grain of salt. Don’t over eat, it will work against you. The first two weeks on the diet are the toughest. I thought I was going to need to be committed to a mental ward. But find someone who will help you through the tough time and it will be rewarding. After those two weeks I was fine and losing weight consistently.

Make sure you go to OCC website and check out all the people who participated in the challenge the results were totally amazing you won’t even believe it. Great work everyone!!

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