27 Oct

Last week I went to see Race Across The Sky with some friends. It was a great movie, check out the trailer its pretty exciting.

After watching the movie I kept thinking about how winning this year’s race was all about strategy. Dave is the guy who has won the race the last 6 years. He beat Lance Armstrong, he beat Floyd Landis, both who are Tour de France winners. Now think about this, the Leadville 100 is 1 day 100 miles. The tour is a whole month of 100 mile days! Now the Leadville race has some crazy elevation and it is mountain biking bla bla bla. Dave still beat them. Im sure for the most part Dave trained a lot but when it came to race day he was there to ride hard and finish but not a whole lot of strategy is involved other than his personal strategy. This year was different. Lance came this year after having a taste of it before, and he came to win. Dave said it best, “last time Lance was straight off the couch, this year he is straight off the Tour”. The Tour is ALL ABOUT STRATEGY. This time Lance came and destroyed! Lance had a strategy and that was find Dave’s weakness and play on it.

When I first came to crossfit I was just giving it my all in every WOD and not really thinking about the workout strategy. After 5 months I know that there is a strategy for success in Crossfit. I was talking with some of the other girls tonight about what they thought strategy is in Crossfit. There is even strategy in the set up. For many WOD’s there is a prescribed weight but for others you have to figure it out so we come in and decide what weight will give us the best time or output. Then we decide if we want to break up the reps in even amounts to add rest time or conserve the max amount of energy to last longer at a higher output. When you have a workout with multiple stations like “Fight Gone Bad” you want to get a high score but because it is long you need to look at maybe adding some rest time so you don’t blow up and make your workout a waste all together. So you develope a strategy that will help you reach your goals. In order to have a good strategy you need to know what your goals are. So here is my example: I will use “Fight Gone Bad” as an example. You want a high total score of all the reps at each of the 5 stations. Now I am better at some of the stations than others so I don’t want to set the same goal for each station because I will need to make up for my weakness. For my strengths I do more reps so that when I exhaust at my weakness I can take a second or two break to recover. That way I can reach my goal.

Here are your tools for success:

Have a goal or goals

know your strengths and weaknesses

develop a strategy

evaluate your results

record your results

improve your strategy for next time

and for a bonus, consult others for tips, techniques and reflections.

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