Where’s Waldo?

29 Sep

I know I have totally failed on keeping up with the blog but to my defense I have been busy. So here is a quick recap of what I have been up to.

First I went to the Over the Hump Series race 2 at Irvine Lake. My mountain bike club had a booth and we put together the best race team in the world! Well at least I think so. The race was a blast and all of our team made us proud.

Here is the race team and fellow members with Hans Ray!

Then after the race we had the Orange County Coastal Cleanup. My club usually sponsors the “Inner” Coastal Cleanup of Trabuco Canyon Wash. This year was just like the years past but with more people. We had over 100 people come to help and filled up two dumpsters full of trash from the wash. Thanks everyone for doing your part!!

This was the check in area where you get your gloves and trash bags. Then my club bought everyone Pizza! But I didn’t eat any cause #1 I hate pizza and #2 its not Paleo and lets not forget about the Paleo challenge!!!

Then we come up on the last week. My classes started up again so in my extra time I am studying. But also I have been building a website for SHARE Mountain Bike Club. Now that it is almost done that last thing I need to do is transfer the domain name but you can check it out it looks pretty good. SHARE Mountain Bike Club . After I did that I decided to build me a new blog with my own domain. So now I am working on that. I will transfer everything from this blog to the new one when its done but the url will be www.sherylstalesofadventure.com .
Then we come to the last weekend where on Sat I did the Boot Camp Challenge down in San Diego. The event was at the Marine Corp Recruit Depot and when I pulled in all the marines were lining up, it was kinda cool.

The race was fun and I think I did pretty good. I finished 33rd out of over 100 people in my age division. It was hot and there was a lot of obstacles to climb over, through and under.

That afternoon my mom and I went and got pedicures. AND no joke it was my mom’s first pedicure and she did very well I must say considering she absolutely hates people touching her feet.
That night we went to the Getty Villa to see the play “Peace”. It was the best play I have seen yet at the Getty, very funny and great acting. We had a great time.
Sunday I headed to Fashion Island with all the crew from my gym to run the Race for a Cure 5K. That was such a great event and everyone finished with flying colors! Wow so I have had some action packed weeks and it doesn’t stop there. This weekend Kurt and I are headed to San Louis Obisbo to do the Scott Tinley Extreme Adventure Triathlon! I can’t wait, its gonna be a blast!

Stayed tuned for the details on that adventure!

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