Does a bud taste or do you taste buds?

27 Aug

After I wrote a post on Mangoes my friend Carolann commented that I had in fact tried a mango and didn’t like it. Since then I have been wondering why now I do crave fruit and veggies instead of the artificially flavored foods that I used to eat.
Tonight I came home and decided to look some of this up and see what the deal was. After reading the zone book I do understand how some things work that might contribute to change in appetite and cravings. Your body is pretty good at telling you what it needs. I blows me away how this all works. Its a lot like the gas light in your car. When the gas is low the light comes on. In your body when you are low on sugar your light comes on, same if you are high on sugar. Now the body is so smart that it has a backup system in case you don’t see when the light comes on and the backup plan is insulin. If you eat healthy with lots of fruits and veggies, lean protein and good fat, your insulin knows exactly what to do and how much to refill without going over the limit. If you don’t eat healthy then your insulin gets confused and starts grabbing all your calories and turns them into fat, but it doesn’t stop because it doesn’t know how to so it tells the brain it needs more sugars and carbs, which is the cause of those cravings. There is an article that kinda spells this out in case you dont believe me or don’t get what Im throwing down.

So I still couldn’t figure out exactly why I like veggies and different fruit now when I didn’t before but if I look at the facts above I can see why I don’t crave Cheddar Rice Cakes and Cereal and cookies and cake, etc. I don’t think I have ever turned down cake until I started this new lifestyle. I have noticed that fruits that I thought before weren’t that sweet are now super sweet. I also use salt a lot less than I used to. I used to put salt on everything but now barely use it. I guess it has to do with the simple fact that my blood sugar is just right, not too high and not too low. I can enjoy food more now. Cool. Maybe I should try watermelon next since I have always hated it cause its not sweet, and cantaloupe!

One Response to “Does a bud taste or do you taste buds?”

  1. JUSTIN August 28, 2009 at 5:44 am #

    I like to crack the fish oil between my teeth before I swallow them. It reminds me what im eating. UMM!!

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