Play Ball!

10 Aug

On Thursday the Dodgers played the Braves and my boss took us to the game with the company tickets. Im not a baseball fan so I was kinda excited but not really jumping out of my skin over it. We got to the game early so we headed to the club house to eat some food. I really had no idea what was in store but basically we had seats behind home plate so that allowed us to go into the clubhouse which is this fancy resturant that has a buffet like The Rio is vegas!!!! There was all you can eat everything basically and also a candy table that would make Willy Wonka Land look like a gumball machine.

So we sit down and have our food. Then we start spotting celebrities!!! Larry King, Roman Brady from Days of Our Lives, Mary Hart, Arsenio Hall, and some guy thats in a bunch of Adam Sandler Movies. It was so fun that we were just sitting there trying to guess if people were famous and then who they were.

After a while we decided to go to our seats. I totally thought the usher was smoking something when he showed me to the front row! Our seats were awesome, I could practically touch the players. You haven’t watched a game until you sit behind home plate in the front row!

Kurt and I. He can never take a pic without having a funny face.

Action shot of Manny!

We watched the whole game, at the end we were fading a bit and we were all feeling like we could leave before the game was over. But none of us got up so we stayed until the end where right in the ninth enning the Dodgers made 3 runs winning the game!!! it was so awesome!

Here is the player responsible for the win giving his interview. WOW what a night!! I am so happy we went, we all had a great time.

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