Why the crazy faces???

22 Jul

So I have this folder of all my crossfit photos and I wanted to post some cool shots of me. And to be honest I wanted to look good, ya know like in a sexy hot sort of way. Well at least there are other girls at my gym who look awesome in their photos so I thought maybe I do too. So I go through all the shots and they all look NOT SO HOT AND SEXY!
So I happen to notice that in all my photos I have this crazy look on my face. I look like I am in terrible pain, and although I may be in some pain but not nearly as much as I look!!

Just for the record here no one holds my feet anymore and I am on a smaller rubber band now, soon to not use one at all.

REALLY??? I need to work on not looking so crazy!

Maybe I should pay more attention to the camera and get my pose going on.

Im just going to keep focusing on the body so maybe nobody will notice the painful expression.

One Response to “Why the crazy faces???”

  1. moonbeam August 1, 2009 at 12:27 am #

    Who cares about the crazy faces when you're working out. You look H-O-T otherwise!!!!! This post was hilarious, of course. xo

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