Adventures in Dog Sitting

1 Jul
Everyone that knows me knows how much I love dogs. And since I can’t have one of my own I have several adopted dogs that I “borrow” to share my love with. Maggie is one of my adopted dogs and her parents are on a months vacation traveling around and mountain biking. Now Maggie is a little high maintenance when it comes to travel so they asked me to take care of her.
Mags is a total sweetheart, she loves walks, she loves to be scratched and my favorite she loves to cuddle. But she does have a evil side……….;-)
So this first night I get there I decide to do laundry. It costs me a ton of quarters at my place and Robin and Jane have these fancy modern machines, cool! So I put a load in. Then I come back out to put them in the dryer and wha??? My fabric softener you know then box of Bounce sheets thing? Well a small part of the box is left and all the sheets are all over the garage floor. Of course I said “Maggie!” in that motherly you are in trouble voice but my Ally McBeal voice chimed in and said “oh she is sad cause her momma and pappa are gone”. I clean it up and finish the evening activities.
The next night I come home feed her, play a little then head out to the gym. Now mind you I am totally spoiling her. She goes for walks. I let her sleep on the bed……just kidding about the bed Robin and Jane….:-) So there should be no reason for more bad behavior. Come back from the gym and go into the garage and find this:
Apparently Mags was a little low on beauty supplies and decided to help herself to some cotton balls. At this point its still no big deal. I clean it up and after not talking to her and giving her dirty looks for a while I decided to forgive her.
Until I got home tonight……..
I was in the kitchen and look out the window to the back yard and see a piece of cardboard. I think now what is that? Um yeah its my applesauce that was ON THE COUNTER in the kitchen! Yup she pulled it off the counter took it outside and ate it. This is whats left of it.
So tonight as I write this she is sleeping or should I say snoring on the floor below me. I can’t help but to laugh at the crazy things she does when I am away and wonder what it will be when I get home tomorrow. But I love her and forgive her.

One Response to “Adventures in Dog Sitting”

  1. kristi July 1, 2009 at 9:55 pm #

    How funny! Dogs eat applesauce? At least he brought it outside to eat! BTW, love the new blog design.

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