Items to buy……

7 Jun

The other night I thought I would have some black beans with my meal only to find out I don’t have a can opener. I thought really??? I must have one. Then I looked at all my Campbell Soup cans and realized they have pop tops, he he.

This morning as I am doing my weekend house cleaning, the vacuum got a little out of control and picked a fight with my coffee table wounding it so badly I had to put it down. Off to Ikea I go! I pick up a fine new table and head home. I open up the packaging, get everything separated and look at all the screws. My Alley McBeal voice says, “looks like a lot of screwing!” I looked around the room…….now to justify a power drill I would have to use it more than say 7-10 times a year right? As I look around the room I count 10 Ikea pieces of furniture. The piece I bought had 12 screws and that was small. So that’s roughly 120 screws. I think there is a power drill in my future!! No more screwing by hand!! (no pun intended ;-))

And because I will have a power drill AND I am a proven Ikea furniture expert I challenge anyone to a build off! Ikea style!

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