Hidden Secret in Long Beach

2 Jun
Most of you know I teach the motorcycle class that you take to get your license. I taught this last weekend in Long Beach at the VA Hospital. We use the parking lots behind the building you would never even know it was there. This is my last full weekend of the summer because I don’t like to teach in the heat (I had a very scary experience with a student and heat stroke and have never been ok with it since). So I will pick up shifts here and there but wont do full shifts until fall. I took this shot in the morning while I was waiting for my students.

Behind the VA where we teach its really pretty and lush greenery. It has always given me a mystical feeling. This weekend I took some shots so you could see what I mean. Its really beautiful!

This is my favorite tree. I can see it from my range that I teach on. It totally amazes me. This will sound very corny and girly but it kinda makes me think of love cause its all twisted together but it looks like two trees. yeah told you it was corny.

The whole back of the property looks like this. I love it!

ok so here is the weird thing. There are a million cats running around. I guess for years people were leaving their unwanted cats there and eventually the problem got out of control so some people in the city tried to get rid of them for good. Well I guess these old ladies started feeding them and went to the city to protest them being taken away. So the city said as long as they form an association to take care of them they would sign an agreement to protect them. And they did. So these crazy ladies feed these cats here. Its kinda creepy. There is kittens now though and I tried to take a pic of them but they ran when they saw me. But here is one for proof.

My good friend Art is moving to CO. He was in my coach trainer class and we have been teaching at the same sites ever since. I am really gonna miss him. So here we are, our last class together. God Speed Artie!!
The Secret: So hopefully you read my whole post cause now you are going to get the secret. When I was exploring this lush mystical area I found a stone with a plaque on it. That read “The city of Long Beach dedicates this Golf Course……. 1954” SO THAT EXPLAINS IT!!! No wonder there are so many trees and the grass is amazing and there are these strange flat parts in the landscape, the place used to be a golf course!!! Wow. Weird, who knew?
Parting shot: This tree is between two of our ranges and provides great shade when we are teaching. If you walk under it and look up you will see hundreds of bird nests in it. Its like a bird hotel. I like the tree because it looks like a cartoon tree to me. almost like someone drew it.

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