Chino Hills Trail Work

20 May

Last Saturday I headed out to Chino Hills with the SHARE trailer full of tools to assist the Sierra club for some trail work. Last year Chino Hills state park was devastated by wildfire and this will be the first team to help get these trails back to what they were. The brush is really overgrown, all the bridges were burned up and all the trails signs are gone. I was joined by Steve our secretary, and Keith the Ex-Prez, and Jim faithful Trail worker! There were several other bikers that came out but mostly the group was the Sierra club. It is very humbling to see all these people come together in a time of need.

Here is Keith one of our trail bosses giving a short talk on tool safety and proper use.And so the work begins. I actually didn’t do any work because my job was to stay at the trailer and pass out tools and give fellow park users info about our club. This was a good thing becasue if you read my posts earlier, my new Crossfit Coach killed me the night before and I couldn’t even walk that day. I was very happy to sit in a chair.

When it was all done we managed to open and entire trail, put a brand new bridge in that then opened another trail and we also brushed back a majority of my favorite trail “Bohemian Delight”.

Mission accomplished, good deeds done, time to eat and drink a beer!

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