Can’t read my Poker Face!

20 May

I think most of you know that I am the president of SHARE mountain bike club which I am proud of since our club ROCKS! but the one thing I look forward to every year is the Poker Ride that we put on because traditionally I am the “Rover” or “the seventh station” and its the only time of year that I am popular. Sad thing though is that it not cause Im hot and sexy or extremely likable, its because I wear a crazy not flattering costume and people have to chase me around the park on their mountain bikes to get a 7th card for their poker hand. Yeah its sad, but true. BUT I don’t mind. It makes me feel a little special when I run into some random person I have no idea who they are in a bike shop and they say “Aren’t you the Joker???!!!” (my costume in the past has been the jester costume) and I say “Why yes I am!” Its kinda nice. So this year we had about 150 participants, sold over 200 lunches and raised aprox $5K for the park!!!

This year I busted out a new costume. “The Dealer”! I think that is a rulette table on my chest but its still cool.And of course New Belgium brought the beer. Yes the Rover loves the beer!!!
And who can forget Steve our Secretary on a ill fitted bike!!! This picture just cracks me up looking at it. His smile is the best. Gotta love him!!!
What will the Rover be next year????

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