20 May

Long story short because I think I just had a marathon post session tonight.
Went to crossfit. One of their guys is leaving so they were having a little celebration.
Justin asked if we could reschedule.
Totally understood BUT I was a little bummed. I am so excited about this new thing and meeting new people (even though I feel totally out of my element and like a huge dork) that I look forward to going from like 3pm til I get there.
Then he said ” how bout a quick work out?” YIPPY!! I almost jumped out of my skin!
The workout was called baseline: (hope I remember this right)
500 meters on the rower
40 squats
30 situps
20 pushups ( and I do the guy ones!) (thank the police academy for that one)
20 chinups (I had a little push off on the feet)

Finished in 6:27 (I kinda wish it was a better time but I will improve for sure and blow that away)

I also got me meet a lot of new peeps, of course they are all very cool. Robin this girl at the gym is amazing! I saw her do chinups without counter weight AFTER doing a crazy workout and I got goose bumps.

Next workout on Thurs- thinking of taking the momma, she is in town on holiday. Im sure she will think Im nuts as usual but she is used to it after all the other crazy stuff Ive done.

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