I am an ANIMAL!!!!!

19 May

21 18 12 9 6 3 ( I don’t remember the exact numbers but its close)
SDHP (Sumo Dead Lift High Pull)
Push Press

So again I start getting nervous about 4 pm today. Not sure if its because I am scared I am going to get my arse kicked or if its because its so exciting to me. I think it might be the later. On the way there I started to feel like I used to feel on the start line of a Motocross race. You pull your bike up to that start gate and look down the dirt in front of you, you see the tracks from the race before yours and they all start out far apart and then gather together in the peak of speed to go into the first corner. Everyone is getting ready twisting the throttle making the engines roar. And your stomach feels like someone let a swarm of bees loose inside. Then the swamp arse sets in. But as soon as that gate dropped it would all leave me and you feel like you are on top of the world!!! All the way to the gym tonight the bees are buzzing and the swamp arse is swamping. But the second I walk through the door everyone smiles sticks out their hands and welcomes me there like I’ve known them forever. Then Justin who is nice as pie and incredibly charming takes me under his wing AND TOTALLY WRECKS ME!!!!

I learned 3 new things: SDHP and Push Press, Kettle bell swing. All of them are super fun especially the kettle bell swing. of course since that was easy for me Justin didn’t put it in my work out.
SO the above WOD (workout of the day) I had to do the # of each in sets until I completed all the numbers. Halfway through I wanted to stop, I couldn’t do anymore. Justin wouldn’t let me quit he kept pushing me. I finished.

I really didn’t think I could do it. I trust Justin, I think that means a lot in this type of relationship. I am really glad I picked this gym, its a good fit.

I am going to hurt again- thanks Justin 😉

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