There is a price for all good things!

17 May

Most of my friends and family know I am getting back into shape, well let me start over. Most know I am TRYING to get back in shape. I have a couple tri’s on the calendar this summer and one of them I want to kick some major butt at. I started the regular tri -training schedule minus the swimming at this point and added some weight lifting into the mix which has really helped my fitness. Well long story short, lifting weights is BORING! And being the crazy person that I am I decided to explore my options. A couple people mentioned Crossfit. I Googled it thought it looked interesting, called a couple places, bla bla bla. This guy Justin from Orange Coast Crossfit called me and asked me to come down and check out the place. I was a little put off that he wouldn’t give all the info over the phone but figured I would give it a shot.
Going down there I fully intended not to sign up cause I wanted to check out Marina Crossfit since it is right by my house. I got there right as a class was finishing up. There were 6 guys sweating to death, breathing hard, doing different activities. But they were ripped! I thought I was at a Chip and Dales club. So they finished, everyone was really nice and lots of them came by and said hi, introduced themselves and chatted. I talked to Justin, asked a lot of questions. He was really nice and has a great attitude. No one was arrogant which surprised me. This whole thing looks and feels like a cult because it is so different and the terminology is new and the people look so great you just expect them to be full of it. Needless to say I signed up for 3 months.
I have to do 3 orientation classes one on one with Justin and then I can jump into the training. Friday was my first one (insert da da daaaaa music here). I get there he puts me on a rowing machine for warm up. Fine no problem. Then he starts showing me the 4 different squats they do. Air squats (just sitting down over the ball), back squat (barbell behind neck on shoulders), front squat (barbell in front of neck on chest), and overhead squat (giant barbell raised over your head!). So he showed me proper technique and had me do a few sets to get comfortable. Then he showed me how to throw the bar if I got into trouble during a lift (safety first). Then he showed me dead lifts and I did a few sets of that. SO at this point its been almost an hour and my legs are SCREAMING. I have probably done almost 200 squats and some dead lifts. He says “ok I want to get a quick work out in.” Of course the Ally McBeal voice comes in and says “Didn’t we already do that?!” He writes on the board:
5 dead lifts
10 pull ups
10 squats
5 rounds

My next Ally Mc Beal thought “Im gonna die”.

By my third round my body was shaking so bad I could hardly hold on to the pull up bar.

On my way home my legs were twitching so bad and an hour later they were already sore.

Justin was very supportive! And he pushed me the whole way. He always said that I was doing good and how impressed he was with my abilities. (I think that is he way of pushing me cause I think I am way out of this league) But I felt so good the entire time and it was AMAZING!!! I love it, really love it!!!
I forgot what my time was but he wrote it down. He also wrote this next to my dead lifts:
5 dead lifts-easy
He said I could have done way more weight and that I fooled him into thinking it was hard for me. (crap I gotta work on the poker face) He also said this: “In 6 months you will be dead lifting twice your weight.” (thats about 332) sure, ok

The price: There isn’t a part on my body that is not in pain right now. My hair even hurts. I have never felt this sore and there are muscles that hurt that I didn’t know were there. I hope I can walk tomorrow because orientation #2 is after work. Im scared!

Here is a little intro clip to Crossfit:

3 Responses to “There is a price for all good things!”

  1. Bigtime May 18, 2009 at 4:11 pm #

    Be sure you practice good sphincter control during those squats. Don’t need another incident…

  2. Tammy May 18, 2009 at 6:28 pm #

    That’s awesome that even your hair hurts! Crossfit is the best! I can’t wait until I get a job so I can join you. I probably would have never hurt my back (I mean, Goliath would have never been able to hurt me) if I had stuck with the program! What races are you looking at? Scott Tinley?

  3. Kathryn May 19, 2009 at 3:10 am #

    just keep repeating this mantra to yourself:
    “i’m an animal. i’m an animal. i’m an animal. grrrrrrrrrrrr.”

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