This trail might be better than Downieville!

2 Apr

Black Canyon. I thought I had seen the best but when we started out on the Black Canyon trail I knew right away that this was going to be the best!

Its on BLM land, built mile by mile, and wide enough for 1 bike. Tons of switchbacks, most of which I couldn’t ride cause they were so tight. Robin was rambling something about how well the trail was made with anchors on the corners and the way the trail naturally drains with all the dips. It was kinda funny. But the trail was great, ups and downs, river crossings, and tons of switchbacks that went up and down the canyons so when you were coming down you could look across the canyon and see riders climbing up.

As you can see from the sign, only people and bikes on the trail.

Here are some highlights of the trail.

Awesome view of the river.

This is a perfect example of the switchbacks.

Here is Steve posing on the trail.

Here I am crossing the river.

The trail went through some sand before the river.

Here I go down the trail.

There were some flats, here is Robin changing a tire.

Another view of the river.

Ken fell victim to a flat as well.

Look at this giant Sararo Cactus!

Jane, Robin and Steve representing the club!!

Here is a great picture of a desert flower.

Here was the trail heading down to the river. AHHH baby heads!!! Needless to say I walked.

After the ride we all went down to the cafe and had some APPLE PIE!!! It was a perfect day!!

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