Got Rock?

29 Mar

Thursday Me, Robin, Jane, and Steve headed to AZ for the weekend to stay at Jeff’s place in Scottsdale for a weekend of mountain biking. I headed to Steve’s place after work and we loaded up in the bike hauler and headed east. We stopped in Banning for some Italian Cuisine.

We arrived at the condo a little after midnight and crashed. The next day we got up and Jeff had to go to work in Flagstaff so he told us where to go and we headed out to the riding area. Dreamy Draw Park was our destination and trail 100 was the route. But first we have to stop for a group shot!

The trail started off with some up and down, minimal climbing but enough to get our heart rate up. We were definitely feeling the dry air.
Arizona trails are my favorite!! I love rocky technical riding and AZ has the best!! There were plenty of sections with rocks to stop and play on. Here is Jane showing us some rock crossing tips.

Here is Robin making a rock drop look easy. We stayed here for some photo opps!

Of course I couldn’t let Robin be the only one showing off!

Here is a great scenery shot of Jane and I climbing up the trail.
Steve also cruising through the rocks with no trouble.

The whole ride was about 12 miles and we had a blast. This was a great shot at the beginning of the ride with Phoenix in the background. The majority of the trail was single track and there was an awesome downhill about half way through. If it wasn’t so steep I would have walked back up and did it again.

Ride reports:
Steve “Cactus thorns are not good and I will never go off trail again!”
Robin “I’ve never seen a carp that big!”

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