Mission Mai Tai- Day 2

17 Mar

Day 2 Maui, we drive to Lahaina for some lunch shopping and well some Mai Tais. Lahaina is very cool. Its is very “Island” style and there are lots of fun shops. And there is this famous burger joint that had the best burgers and THE best Mai Tais I have ever had.
Its called Cheese Burger in Paradise. I had a blue cheese burger and onion rings. I won’t tell you how many Mai Tais. The cool thing about this place is they had a web cam outside so we called Denise’s husband and he got to see us in Maui Live!! It was kinda cool.

So we moved on for some shopping. Here is some local transportation, “Island Style”. Well they are saving on the carbon footprint because its electric!

After a trip up the street Goo and I were feeling some separation anxiety from the Mai Tais so we stepped into the Mai Tai Lounge, later to be joined by the other girls.

We had a great time at the Lounge overlooking the water. Now this is a real vacation.
Parting Shot: This is what happens after too many Mai Tais.

Thanks D for being the DD!

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