Sportie Spice Goes to Maui!

16 Mar

My friend Denise called about a month ago and asked me if I wanted to go to join her and some girl friends on a trip to Maui. I just so happen to have that weekend open and the price was right so I packed my bag and headed out!

I have been to Hawaii several times and to many of the islands including Maui but not since I was in high school so I was very excited. The 7 hour plane ride had little to be desired but it would all be worth it. We all had little plans but my main goal was to relax and have a blast.

I arrived on Maui and the girls had already arrived before me so they went to Costco for some food and water and then came to pick me up. We headed to our condo that is located in Wialea. This pic is the view from the condo.Here we are just relaxing after sitting on a plane all day on the patio of the condo. From Left to Right (Goo (nickname), Denise, and Sportie Spice (the nickname Goo gave me)).

The next morning I got up for a morning run and look who I came across out on his morning run also. Needless to say I was actually faster than he was but he scared the crap out of me because he was so big!
And then this little guy came out at night to sell us some insurance. I think his technique was good though cause he came out at night and that was an easy sell when you have a couple cocktails at the bar!! he he
He is really cute though….

The next day we planned to do some site seeing (for women that is code for shopping) and scope out the snorkeling (thats not code for anything).

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