Fried Green Tomatoes

1 Mar

Last stop on the tour, Greenville South Carolina. I did finally get my luggage and the next day Victoria and I went exploring. First thing we did is pick up my future husband Doug at the Hyatt. We had only one mission: Go to the Michelin Store.

There was so many cool things at the store but I had to save for my Hawaii trip so I walked away with a Key chain and a coffee mug on wheels (Michelin Wheels that is). Victoria walked out with half the store inventory cause she was shopping for Cinnamon too who had to work and was shopping via Internet. lol Then Dougie went out with the other half of the store inventory with presents for everyone in his address book.

I tried to tell Dougie that he was being replaced by this new guy but unfortunately he is geographically challenging so I ended it, but not until after this last tender moment.

There wasn’t much shopping in Greenville but the downtown area was very pretty and they fixed it up nice. This was a river running right through the center of town and they built a cool suspension bridge over it.

Good Times!!

So about the tomatoes…… I love tomatoes, I mean love! I eat them almost everyday. They fry everything in the Carolina’s and fried green tomatoes actually exist and you can get them anywhere in Greenville. So I basically ate them everyday. YUMMY!!!! Its a good thing they don’t have them here.

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