Doctors Right to Refuse Care!

26 Feb

So I went to my “for women” doctor yesterday and after my exam my doctor informed me that she would no longer be writing prescriptions for birth control because she is Catholic and the Pope doesn’t believe in it. I almost fell off the table. I still haven’t been able to pull my thoughts together on this but bottom line, I am PISSED.
Most people that know me know I am a pretty faithful Christian, going to church and bible study and very active in the community. But I suppose I am liberal in my thinking and sometimes go round and round with fellow Christians. I love Jesus and he is a part of my life but I think Church and State should be separate and also everyone has a right to choose the God/whatever they want.
Also this particular doctor is very important to me because I see her for more than just a pap every year and my prescription. She manages an ongoing condition that I have and I trust her.
She explained to me her thinking and that if I could convince her that my use of BC pills was to help manage my condition and/or for medical reasons and not to prevent pregnancy then she would write the prescription. She also said I could go through my general doc to get the Rx.
AND YES we can blame the best president in the world for this!

After talking with some friends and reading more about this I have only gotten more mad.
1. If she is making decisions based on HER religious beliefs then how do I know she is giving me the best care. She now has the right to not tell me all the facts, make a decision I might not agree with when I am out cold on the operating table, and also make a decision that makes her feel better but may not be ethical or safe for me!!!!!!!
2. Doctors now can refuse service based on your sexual orientation and/or your MARITAL status!!!!!
3. God forbid you are raped or having a severely deformed baby but doctors now can refuse to give the morning after pill, do an early term abortion or any treatment of the sort.
NOT ONLY DOCTORS BUT PHARMACIES!!!!! Rite Aid could turn you away at the counter.

One of my friends mentioned that in some parts of the country there is only one doctor in town and one pharmacy, how about limited benefits to prevent you from seeing another doc.

WOW I just can’t believe this. This is a step back for our country. One thing I can look forward to is that my vote for Obama will pay off when he gets this overturned.

Im getting a new doctor.

3 Responses to “Doctors Right to Refuse Care!”

  1. Kathryn February 28, 2009 at 8:40 pm #

    the good news: Obama’s set to rescind the rule: first there’s a 30 day comment period. my advice – tell all our friends to email our senators and congressmen/women asking them to support Obama’s decision to rescind.

  2. kristi March 1, 2009 at 9:31 pm #

    OMG! That is ridiculous. I can’t believe that what your doctor did is legal. I hope it gets rescinded also!

  3. Bigtime March 3, 2009 at 11:51 pm #

    I believe you should have that right to choose, you should enjoy the LIBERTY bestowed upon us by our creator and gauranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights! I also believe the Doctor should have the right to choose, in light of the fact that other Doctors are readily available to you who will gladly work with your needs and respect your personal decisions.Just as you don’t like the Doctors choices negatively impacting you, why should your choices be allowed to negatively impact the Doctor? Are your rights/decisions/choices more important than hers? Just as you don’t like having her choices imposed upon you, is it right that your choices be imposed upon her? So, you may be frustrated at the Doctor’s decision, just as the Doctor may be frustrated by yours. But isn’t it wonderful that we have society where both you have choices you can make, and options to work with those choices?You both get choose your own path in life, Obama’s Administration wants to take away those choices. While you may like this one decision made on your behalf by Obama, are you willing to gamble that all of his decisions made on your behalf will be what you really want or need? Isn’t it better to enjoy freedom and liberty from government control over our lives and have choices? Its amazing to me that anyone with a half a brain and sense of personal responsibility would want universal healthcare as envision by Obama. Imagine healthcare being administered with the same compassion, efficiency, professionalism and convenience as the people who brought you the DMV, IRS, FEMA and TSA.

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