Planes, Trains and Automobiles; minus the Trains

18 Feb

We just finished the Minneapolis show. The show went really well, lots of people and its really a great venue. We are right in downtown so the food and the shopping is good. Plus I got to see my high school friend Karen who has lived in MN since shortly after high school. Seeing her again made me realize how much I miss her. When we hung out it was like we had been near each other the whole time. It made my day to see her.

This morning I had an early flight to Greenville South Carolina with a stop in Charlotte North Carolina. I get the shuttle to the airport and get on my flight. Thanks to my mastered technique on sleeping on planes I was out like a light until we landed. I had some time so I checked out the food situation. Decided on Mexican and went to the gate. The plane started boarding and when the lady scanned my ticket she said “This is the plane to Greenville South Carolina, you are scheduled on the plane to Greenville North Carolina.” Who Knew??? Go to gate 21 she says. (for the record my company scheduled the flight)

Well of course I can’t get on the scheduled flight to NC because I dont need to go there. This is how the rest of the day went:

Call Leah she and Cinnamon laugh their asses off. She tells me to change flight.
Go to counter they tell me it costs lots of money.
Call Leah back she says rent a car and drive.
Go to counter to figure out how to get my luggage.
Cinnamon calls back and tells me to fly to NC and drive from there. I tell her plane already left. She says rent a car and drive from here.
Ladies at counter are mean to me and not helpful about getting luggage.
Call US Air Customer Service, they say to go to baggage claim.
Go to baggage claim they help and re-route luggage back to SC, who knows when I will get it.
Go to car rental counter. No one has cars except Dollar but sign on counter says “No attendant, go to rental site.

Go to the counter man tells me there is no drop off at Greenville SC so I would have to rent for round trip and that will be $80+ a day. I say thank you and leave.
I go to the parking lot where I sit down on the curb. As tears are streaming down my face I am coming to the realization that I am stuck in Charlotte.
Call Leah, she tells me to have the office call and rent the car.
Call office.
Lani gets me a car at National.
Since in the middle of no where have to walk to National. A ways……….

And walk…….

So finally get there and get the car and directions to Greenville. The lady tells me I can pick whatever car along the fence. So since red is my favorite color and makes me feel better, I take off in this hot number!

I have an hour and a half drive ahead of me so I turn on the tunes and head out. Then I see some outlet stores so I had to stop. I talked myself out of a Coach purse that was on CRAZY sale. Im pretty proud since I did deserve some sympathy purchase.

Finally get to the airport and drop the car off! And Leah, Cinnamon and Victoria come to pick me up.

So now I sit in my room with my socks and underware drying on the heater after washing them in the sink, wearing $6 flanel pants from Rite Aid and a borrowed tank top.
Hope my luggage comes tomorrow.

One Response to “Planes, Trains and Automobiles; minus the Trains”

  1. kristi February 20, 2009 at 12:15 am #

    Oh man!!! That sounds awful! I’m glad that you finally made it though. I’m impressed that you didn’t just throw in the towel and get a flight home, which is what I would’ve wanted to do by then!

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