Monster Truck Jam!

27 Jan
Only at the monster truck show can you get big tire ear muffs!! I thought I would have something to say here but I think this is a moment that doesn’t need words.

Cinnamon thought it would be great to do something fun with our friends at work. Call it a “team building” event. Well Im not sure if we got closer that night but we sure did have a hell of a lot of fun!

Started with a little dinner and drinks. I think more drinks than dinner, see exhibit A (above) for proof.
Then big loud trucks!!!! Who knew they could fly.

The best part of the show was the demolition durby! All the cars were pulling a trailer with something on it. This one pictured had an outhouse. It was pretty funny and very entertaining.

Grave digger was there which I think is the elder of the bunch but he still put on a great show. Until the end when he was up for freestyle and on the first jump crashed. He was going to get lifted back up and go again but there was some damage to the truck so he couldn’t go on. I think he would have put on a great show.

Parting shot: The evening is nothing without good friends!

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