On a Mission

23 Jan

The NY show is the hardest for me. Long hours, lots of people, and not a moment to sit down. On top of that the people in NY are……how shall I say?…..different. They talk funny and they look funny with their gold chains and brown leather jackets. They are rude and they like to be treated rudely. Its strange. In CA you can go to Dicks and pay to get treated badly but everyone does it in NY and they like it. Crazy. So the show went well, other than a plane landing in the Hudson and it snowed the whole time.

Only in NY will you see people on bicycles in the snow.
On Monday a bunch of us made our flights later in the day so we could do a couple hours of sight seeing before we left. I have spent a lot of time in NY so there really wasn’t anything in particular I wanted to see. But I have a favorite jewelery store in NY that I really wanted to stop in to. I also told Victoria about it and she said she would tag along. So we set off for Madison street. I was so happy to go there, I ended up getting a new charm for the bracelet I purchased there a few years back, and a matching necklace and some cute earrings. Vic got a couple things too. Mission accomplished. As we headed out I asked Vic if she has ever seen Grand Central Station. She hadn’t and since it was one block over I decided to show her. Grand Central is one of my favorite places in NY. I just think it is so beautiful. I always imagine what it would have been like 50 years ago to get off a train there and walk into that station. People must have thought they were in heaven. The ceiling is painted like the evening sky with all the stars and stuff. WOW. Also they have a great food court and good shopping there.
Once you see the main lobby pictured here you will start recognizing it in several movies.
As we were walking back to the hotel we passed the Central Library which is another place I love. In the summer there is a huge lawn behind the building where there are tables and vendors selling food. You can sit out and socialize and get a meal or just relax. Its so cool!
So we headed back to the hotel, met Kurt for lunch and jumped in a car to go to the airport. Our driver was from Queens and talked the whole way. He sounded like some mafia guy who smoked too much. Interesting ride.
Off to Ohio next week.

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