"Brace for Impact"

18 Jan
Your sitting on an airplane, and its in the air, when over the intercom you hear the pilot say “Brace for Impact!” How would that feel? No one really knows until they are in that situation but I imagine that I would be able at that very moment to feel every molecule of blood circulate throughout my body.

I flew to NY on Wednesday. On Thursday I woke up to a half inch of snow on the ground (if you talk to any New Yorker they say it never snows here). (view from my hotel room)

I went to the gym and then headed to set up the show at the Javits Center. Part way into the day I get a call from my mom in Seattle who knew I was in NY. She is talking all crazy saying a plane crashed in the Hudson River. When I figured out she wasn’t joking I realized the Javits Center is right on the Hudson River!! And just when I realized that, I could hear helicopters over the roof. Immediately we all ran outside to see if we could see anything. Sure enough there were so many emergency vehicles I could hardly see the road. Then I looked in the river and there it was, the US Airways plane in the river surrounded by ferry boats, rescue boats and helicopters. Its not really easy to explain how one feels when they see a sight like that. Honestly it made me think of 9-11. Of course this really didn’t compare but with all the emergency personnel and vehicles it was unreal.

It didn’t hit me until the next day in the cab on the way to the Javits center they were showing footage and interviews with all the passengers (who all survived)(cabs in NY have TV’s in them) and I was moved when one person talked about how the pilot never said anything until he came on and said “Brace for Impact”. My blood went to my feet, and chills ran down my spine. This is an event I will never forget.

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