Santa, Cheer, jingle bells, and all that stuff

2 Jan

Well it was that time of year again and most of you that know me know that I really dislike this time of year (my mom says not to use the word hate). So I do not get in the “spirit” of anything. I feel bad for my mom who always comes to visit me during this time and I am usually not amused by her attempts to make things festive. So “Sorry Mom”. Maybe things would be different if I had children? I do like to look at house lights and decor.

So mom came down and our plans to go to Christmas eve dinner got changed due to massive amounts of snow in Seattle delaying my mom 3 hours. I even made carrots for the first time to bring. But everything ended up working out because I was feeling sad that my stripper friend Cinnamon didn’t have anyone to have dinner with that night so when my mom got in we met up with her at CPK which also happens to be my moms favorite California restaurant.

Christmas day we went down to my cousins in Oceanside for dinner and I thought it would be nice to drive down the coast. It has been kinda stormy here and that day it just happen to clear up really nice. We stopped at Huntington Pier to take a picture cause the waves were real high, man I love where I live!

My mom and I did a lot of shopping while she was here which is always fun. And of course since I am the only child I still get spoiled. My mom treated me so lots of things for my new apartment that I just moved into. We went and saw a movie, Marley and Me, really good and sad, really sad. We also went to the Improv and saw John Lovitz from Saturday Night Live. He was great.

So I managed to get through another one of those “seasons”. I did enjoy spending time with my mom and having the time off work. Bah Humbug =)

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