When Mountain Bikers Go To Heaven

17 Dec
Monday after the Seattle show I was to head to Poulsbo my home town to visit my dad and some friends. I only had 2 days to cram all that in so I really didn’t get to see many people. My oldest friend Kevin lives in Seattle and I missed seeing him the day I flew in so I planned to see him for breakfast Monday before I went to my folks. He picked me up and we went to a great breakfast stop up by Green Lake. It was so great to see him, we don’t keep in touch enough so there is a lot to download when we do get together.
After we ate I had some time before I had to get to the ferry and I remembered a lady at my work was talking about the Troll under the Fremont bridge and how she wanted to see it. I have seen it many times but since we were right by there I thought it would be cool to go take a picture so I could show her what it looked like. So to the Troll we went. on our way it was pretty sunny and I broke my last pair of glasses so I went to put down the visor down and down came these great sunglasses. I almost kept them they were so cool but they were Kevin’s special fair glasses so he probably would be mad if I kept them. he he
I was totally stoked that he had a festive hat on.

We had a few more minutes and I asked Kevin if he knew about this mountain bike park under the 5 freeway. Of course he did so we headed over there to check it out.

When we got there I was like a kid in a candy store. Not just any candy store but one that sells those long soft licorice ropes and all red jelly beans and life savors!!! I was running out saying how cool this place was and snapping pictures right and left. It was SO AWESOME!!!!!
Under the 5 freeway was this area where homeless people were living. This bicycle club decided they wanted to build a fun mountain bike/freestyle park. There were teeter totters, ramps, jumps, bridges, switchback trails, rocks, log crossings, and all kinds of elevated trails and whoops. It was so cool. I want to go back there and ride it. It was like 20 degrees and there was snow on the ground but there was a couple guys there riding on the elevated trails and jumps.

I have tons more pics but I think you get the picture. There was some random carving of a tree that was there and of course the liability waiver. My favorite part was the highly recommended body armor!

I was so happy, I got to spend some time with a great friend and see the troll and see the park that Mountain bikers go when they go to heaven.

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