Uptight in Seattle

17 Dec
Arriving in Seattle was great this year. The weather was amazing! Cold, very cold, but clear the whole time. Except when it was snowing. So I was supposed to get in early to Seattle so I could hang out with my good friend Kevin but my flight was canceled and I didn’t get in to Seattle until later in the afternoon. So instead I went straight to the convention center so I could walk around a little down there. The convention center is right in Pioneer Square and there is a really cool bookstore there that I wanted to stop into. I go into the bookstore “Elliott Bay Bookstore“, Im looking around and I get a phone call from my friend Jamie so I am catching up with her while I am browsing and a store clerk comes over to me and asks me to take the call outside. At first I was embarrassed and felt bad. I told Jamie I would call her back later and hang up. Then I start thinking “Who is he? Everyone talks on their phone in CA in stores, he was lucky I didn’t have my fully clothed dog in my purse. I kinda start getting pissed, does he know how cold it was outside. After going back and forth feeling guilty and pissed I take a look around and no joke there was NO ONE in the store. AND there was a coffee shop in there where people were talking to each other pretty loudly. I was so irritated that I left without spending any money and that never happens in a book store for me, geesh.
I walked around a little and checked out some local hangouts that I used to frequent when I lived there. This is the J&M Tavern. I used to go here every weekend. We would start here and then go around the corner to the Pioneer Saloon, good times!
So that night we all went to dinner, Seattle is one of those cities where the food is amazing. Here is me and Scott waiting for the girls to go to dinner. Scott used to be our intern and traveled with me a lot last year. Now he works with operations so I don’t get to see him that much. I think he just sat on something poking here??

Thursday was work day and halfway through the day Adam (Cinnamon’s man) came to the show and totally made my day by bringing me 6 yellow roses and 2 Apple Pie Apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for my Birthday which was that next Saturday. I haven’t received flowers in I don’t know how long-Thanks Adam!

That night we all went out to dinner at the Frontier Room which is in Bell Town and is a really cool place. They have great BBQ and play the blues. Here is a pic of Stacy (the new intern) and I at dinner.

Saturday which really was my Birthday Robert said a great Birthday poem over the microphone in the morning in the whole hall and then Cinnamon got me 2 HUGE cakes, one of which was a red velvet cake since it is my favorite! I guess I am kinda spoiled or something. I also got to leave the show early so I could go to dinner with my mom and friends.

The show ended up being pretty good and the snow held off in the city. Here is a shot of the show as we are moving in.

I’ve seen motorcycles with bike racks before but I thought this one was cool cause it had a fixie on it!

And of course couldn’t not add a shot of Qwest Stadium, home of the Seahawks!

2 Responses to “Uptight in Seattle”

  1. Tammy December 21, 2008 at 6:26 pm #

    Cool pics of the mountain bike park! I miss you, riding buddy!! Oh, and ADAM ROCKS!!!! Other men reading, take notes!!

  2. kristi December 22, 2008 at 11:07 pm #

    What a cool trip! Oh and Happy Birthday!! (sorry no flowers). Your comment about the fully clothed dog in your purse made me LOL. I will have to make you some red velvet cupcakes as they are my favorite too!

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