3 Dec

Before Thanksgiving I was in the great city of Houston for our show. Our show was at the convention center at the Reliant Stadium. In September hurricane Ike pounded Houston ripping the roof off of the Reliant Stadium which is still in need of repair. Since I have never been in an area affected by a hurricane I was pretty surprised to see the aftermath of it still so visible just in our short route from the hotel to the stadium. Several buildings and homes were closed and/or under repair.
But the show must go on, and that it did. It was a great show. I do wish I could have seen more of this city but I did eat some great food and enjoyed time with my friends. One thing I hadn’t seen before is a inside car show which just happened to be going on at the same time as our show. I have never seen so many women wearing clothes that were too small for them. But the following are some cool pictures.

Now this was new for me. I have been to many cars shows in my day and never did I see crazy tricked out bikes. These were so cool. I can’t believe the things they did to these bikes. Not to mention how they ride them. They even made crazy displays to put them in.

This is my all time favorite car in the whole world. 68 CheveCheck Spellinglle. Lots of great memories with this car. Not THIS car but the same car. WOW she is beautiful!

This is a car that makes my heart beat fast. I swear I should have been a boy. I would love to have this in RED!!! Dear Santa…….

Well I guess thats it for Houston, Next is the LBC!

One Response to “Houston”

  1. van December 3, 2008 at 3:49 pm #

    Great photos of the car show. I should have taken a walk over to check them out (with ear plugs)!!!

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