IMS Con’t

5 Nov

So going on about the grass……. I took some better pictures so you can see what I am talking about. So in this picture you can see that the grass is in this giant cake pan. The whole thing is one piece.

This is one of the tracks in the ground that the pan rolls in on.

See how tall the pan is?


Underneith the pan are all these little motors that roll the pan in.

>I just think it is so awesome. Im not really sure why I am so fastinated by it, but I think its pretty cool.

So moving on to the show I have some highlights. One of the features I worked on this year is the Family Fun Zone. I know it sounds kinda corny and I even had doubts on how it was going to turn out but it ended up being pretty cool. The biggest part of this feature was the Strider Running bikes. Ryan the guy that envented the bikes came out to work the booth for the first show and we were going to have a demo area for them. I had purchased some colored tape for the floor, some checkered penants for the perimiter, two big checkered flags, and some orange and green cones. While I was running around setting up the rest of our areas Ryan told me to drop all the supplies off and he would help me set up the demo area. When I came back he had the whole thing set up and it looked amazing. Then the little kids came to ride the bikes and they were so cute!!

Janina and I took some great shots on the scooter and then we ran into the Presidential Candidates.

And for the parting shot. Our show opened on Halloween night and the Incredible Hulk decided to stop by! Isn’t he just adorable?

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