On The Road Again!

31 Oct

Its that time of year again. The International Motorcycle Show is coming to a city near you and this weekend its in Phoenix. I love the Phoenix show even though its our smallest show. Our tour goes to 13 cities across the country in 5 months.

So the day started yesterday with some office work and a flight to Phoenix.

The next day was early arrival at the show to start setting up. Most of you probably don’t know what goes into setting up a show of this size so let me give you a few facts. Pretty much all the people we work with at the show are contractors of some sort. All the guys that build the booths and lay the carpet and run the fork lifts are all union contract workers and come in with all their own equipment. So as we were pulling in this morning we were followed by a long line of fork lifts. When our team arrives at the venue they are met with a big empty room. Then someone goes around the room measuring space and laying down tape to mark all the booth spaces. The the contractors come in and lay the carpet and start building structures. By the time I get to the show most of the carpet is down and most of the big booths are built.

I spend the rest of the day making sure my booths or the “Show Features” get set up.

One big thing that I want to share with you is the place we are having our show is very special. Its the Cardinal’s Stadium (Football). This stadium has a live grass field that lives outside. Now I am sure you are thinking how??? Well the grass lives outside most of the time and when they have a game they roll the ENTIRE field inside!! Oh yes the field is in one giant pan that is the full size field and its about 4 foot deep. The whole pan is on tracks and runs on motors that is driven in and out of the stadium when they need it. It takes just under an hour to move the entire field in or out and this is the best part…….This system was made by Kawasaki!!! In case you didn’t know Kawasaki not only makes motorcycles but they have an engineering company that builds things like this and bridges and buildings etc. Its really cool. I will include more pics tomorrow about it.

Stay tuned for more details of IMS in Phoenix.

2 Responses to “On The Road Again!”

  1. kristi November 3, 2008 at 4:53 am #

    Hey that’s; really cool about the football field. The Cardinals were playing the St. Louis Rams today, which is funny because they used to bet he St. Louis Cardinals. Sounds like you’re going to be doing a lot of traveling? Cool! Have fun!

  2. James December 15, 2008 at 2:46 am #

    Hey you came into my town and didn’t even say hi… I see how it is. jk! Seriously tho, I live a few miles north of the stadium – buy ya a beer next time your in town. James Stevens

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