Fat Tire Rollin or Fat Tire Drinking, or both!

25 Oct

It really was a great weekend and the only reason it took me so long to post about it was my body was so worked from riding 50 some miles that I got sick when I came home. So here goes…..

.5 day 1 I drove to Steve’s house to pick him up at about 2:30, we loaded up and headed out about 3pm. Made it to Kernville just at dark and joined Robin, Rick, and Keith at the camp fire. Dan and Bri also joined us (just fresh from matrimonium the week before-translation they got married). Had a couple of beers and hit the hay since we all had a early ride in the morning.
Day 1 The day ahead was to be a 22 mile ride in the lower elevations called Canyon Trail. We drove to the trail head where there were about 12 people on the ride. I was the only girl. We did some climbing, and some more climbing, we did some more climbing as the temperature started getting warmer, and did I mention we did some climbing? The trail itself was really nice and pretty and it was kinda sandy but I expected the whole weekend to be sandy. After the first few feet I expected to be the last one in the group but as it ended up there were a couple of guys who joined me in the back. I think the combination of the climbing, the heat, the elevation and the sand took a lot out of ya. We reached the halfway point and took a water and snack break. At that point I was told I could ride the road 5 miles the the end point and meet the group. At first I was good to go on with the group until he said we would be doing more CLIMBING. I figured with two more 20+ mile days ahead I better opt out. SO glad I did. When the guys showed up they were beat. I would have felt horrible the next day. Overall I have to say that that ride was the least favorite, but I would ride it again.
Let the games begin! We headed to the social gathering for some good ol bicycle games. I walked up just as the Bowling was going off. They said I was next so I got up to roll my tire down the lane only to hit 5 or so pins. Everyone yelled “We have a winner!!!” Yup I guess I was the only woman to knock down some pins. Then over to the Rim Toss. My luck wasn’t with me on this one but Steve had several ringers in his turn. He was later challenged to a “Toss Off” (yeah) but ended up second. Better luck next time. Then Keith showed us how to limbo on a bicycle! He got through a couple times only to knock the bar off later. His excuse was “too drunk to ride”.

Day 2 After a 8 mile climb up to the trail head, the trail was way more fun than the day before. We are higher up and in the trees for most of the ride. The views were awesome and the single track reminded me of Downieville. Lots up swooping up and down with fun jumps in the middle of the trail. When it was over I wanted to do it again. The trail was called Portuguese Pass.

Day 3. Saved the best for last!! Cannell Trail Lots of down!! This trail was awesome and next time I would like to start from the very top. We had some climbing in the beginning but most of the trail was down, with plenty of rock which is my favorite!! After we dropped down a little we did some nice rollie pollie stuff and some flat through the meadow. Then Bruce blew his rear shock. He was fine for a while then he took a stick in the rear wheel and lost 4-5 spokes. After some time trying to get his wheel straight enough to ride we were off again. He actually managed to ride the thing out in pretty bad shape. The last part of the ride was awesome. Lots of sand and down and fast!! I like the sand and rock stuff so I had a blast. I could do that trail again!!

After a full weekend of riding we topped it off with a beer and dinner at the brewery and then headed home.

I would definitely go up there again, we all had a great time. And we for sure had great company. Oh and good beer! Good Good Good!!

Other thoughts: Campsite rocked! Nice, clean, hot showers that were free. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes its good to have a backup plan. If you complain about the things that are not planned then they might call you a whiner. Coffee grounds that are ground too fine might not be good for the camping coffee maker. Bri makes a great lentil stew. If you are in a grocery store and you see a 300 pound man in a fishing vest with no shirt, turn and run before someone mistakes him for your husband! If I moved to Kernville I could win the record for most teeth still in mouth!

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