Man I love California!

20 Sep

My good friend Cinnamon (yes thats her real name) told me last night that we make some sacrifices to live in CA but its all worth it when you can go hiking in the mountains after work on a Friday night. And thats exactly what we did. After work we headed to Robinson’s Ranch in Santiago Canyon and did some brisk hiking. It was straight up and straight down, and straight up and straight down, and straight up…….you get the picture? Yeah I was sweating. But it was all worth it cause we got a good work out and the views were amazing! Of course I don’t have any pictures cause I forgot the camera in the car. I did however get a great shot of the trail head and the sunset.

After the hike I stayed at Cinn’s place and she made me an awesome dinner and then got up in the morning and made me cinnamon roll (no pun intended) and I say roll cause she only let me eat one and threw the rest away! Guess I can’t get mad she was saving me the guilt later!
Then we headed down to Trabuco Wash for some trash hunting. No we don’t usually head out on Saturdays to get trash but today was Coastal Cleanup Day all across California. My mountain bike club and Warrior Society team up to host the inland cleanup. We had well over 50 people and 3 dumpsters! My good friend and co-worker Kurt also joined in the effort. After 2 truck loads in my truck and 1 in Kurts’ we collected a bunch of interesting items. Cinnamon had enough for an over night bag:
Full set of clothes-t-shirt, sweats, underwear and a shoe
tooth paste
I had enough to decorate my new house:
couch pads
seat pads
lawn deer
Kurt even found a radio to dance to.
Other items we found:
motorcycle helmet
lots of cups and jack in the box items
cans and bottles
car door
And last but definitely not least…… A Target Shopping Cart!!
It ended up being a successful morning cleaning up the local canyon we filled three full size dumpsters! Man I wish people didn’t litter and ruin our outdoors!!

Stay tuned…… tonight Tammy and I are going to see a play at the Getty Villa!

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