Cup is half full!

21 Aug

I tested my theory today and it worked! After blogging my thoughts I spent some time thinking about what I needed to do to change my attitude about life. I thought about all the things I really liked about my job and my city. I decided that no matter who asked me how I was at work I was going to say I was great and I was actually going to believe that I was telling the truth. I didn’t even fake it. When my good friends asked how I was doing I said great and stuck with it, meaning I didn’t say great and then say “well you know…” I really just enjoyed the day for what it was and when there was conflict I didn’t get upset I just rolled with it. Now I know I didn’t get yelled at by upper management or talked to like I was 12 years old so this could all change when that happens.

SO I am going to try it again tomorrow and hopefully it will get better and better every day.

Stay tuned….

2 Responses to “Cup is half full!”

  1. kristi at 6:00 am #

    Wow I’m going to have to give that a try because I’ve been pretty sarcastic and negative lately! I’m glad it worked!

  2. timeilearned at 2:08 pm #

    Great post Sheryl. I think that not only will you feel better throughtout your day but so will other people. Happiness and a positive attitude are very contagious.

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