Welcome to Hollywood!

5 Aug

Unlike last weekend, this one was filled with less exercise and more cultural tasks. Friday night not so cultural, I went on a bar crawl with some co-workers to celebrate 4 people leaving the great place we all call work. I rode my bike to Janina’s house and we all rode to HB for some drinks. What was supposed to be a slow journey down Main Street ended up being a 2 bar stop and everyone pretty wasted by dark. Typical events took place that revolve around lots of alcohol- broken glass, embarrassing dancing, someone crying, and lots of water in the morning. I had a couple of drinks and left before the madness got too out of hand.

Saturday morning was a scheduled mountain bike ride that I wished I didn’t schedule. I managed to make it around the park but not without a ton of complaining and a total blow to my moral when I walked almost all the way up Cholla.

Saturday night was the Crystal Cove Interpretive Society Volunteer Party at Crystal Cove Beach. Since I am a board member and a Trail Assistance Volunteer I was invited. Mexican food, good friends, and chocolate cake for dessert!!! Need I say more?!

Sunday was a planned day in LA!! Headed over to Tammy’s at 9 and headed up to the Getty Center Museum. The place was beautiful and had an amazing view. The art was really neat but I am not a big artsy person so I kinda whizzed through the whole thing but did stop and appreciate several pieces. All the buildings had old paintings, several depicting Greek and Roman times. I really enjoyed a lot of the paintings that had scenes from the Bible. I mostly enjoyed the gardens and the architecture.

After we went through all the exhibits we had some time left to I thought since we were up there that we would go see the Hollywood Sign!! I plugged “Hollywood Sign” into my GPS and off we went. I figured we were headed to some viewing park for the sign but we really ended up on some random road in the middle of a residential city street where there were several tourists pulled over taking pictures right in the middle of the road!!! REALLY?!?! You could see the sign up on the hill but Tammy and I got such a kick out of the people in the street that I had to take a picture of them. But only after I too stood in the middle of the street to take a shot of the sign.

I noticed on the GPS that we were right next to Griffith Park where the famous observatory is that is in many movies such as Transformers and Charlie’s Angels!! I figured we could check it out while we were in the area. We landed some rock star parking and walked around. The place was beautiful and had the best view of LA and the surrounding areas, we also could see the Hollywood Sign from there. We went on the roof and took some pictures and I saw the telescope. I definitely think it would be a great place to go at night for the amazing view and to look at the stars through the tele.

At the end of the day my cup was full. I enjoyed the day with a great friend! We got to see some great sites of the city and finished the day with some dinner from California Pizza Kitchen which went with our CA themed day!

Parting Shot: I think he is a HAPPY Cowboy!??

One Response to “Welcome to Hollywood!”

  1. timeilearned August 6, 2008 at 5:45 pm #

    What a great weekend adventure – I am sitting here thinking of all the things I could be doing with MY weekends! Thanks for the inspiration~Keri

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