Action Packed Weekend

28 Jul
For some reason I am one of those people who monopolize all my free time. I never plan to sleep in on the weekends. I don’t watch TV. And I certainly do not catch up on domestic duties. This weekend was no exception. Saturday morning I woke up early and headed to Aliso and Wood Canyon Park to help out with my mountian bike club’s Beginner Ride. The event ended up being great and 9 people showed up for the clinic and to ride. We split into two groups and I ended up leading the beginners. We took a nice ride up the fire road and then came back on a single track called Coyote. Everyone did well and had a good time.

After the ride I headed home to shower and then off to the Hawes’ house for some Birthday celebrations. They were celebrating three birthdays so the whole family was there. I got there a little early to I hung out until everyone showed up. After some socializing there was some dinner and cake and I headed home to get some sleep for the next early morning.
SUNDAY I woke up again early to head to El Moro for some more mountain biking. I am a Trail Assistance Volunteer for the park and I had an orientation for that. What we do is we patrol the park once a month or more providing assistance to park users. Most of the time its giving directions or providing water. Robin is in charge of the program at this particular park and he is a good friend. He led the ride and we were joined by Jady, Mark and Steve. Robin showed us around the visitor center and where everything was. Then we set off for our ride. I thought it was going to be mellow but Robin drug us out of shape mountain bikers all over the park!! By the time we were done I could hardly pedal. lol Before we left the park Robin had to show me what he does for inspiration before his patrols which I now call the “Super Volunteer” pose.

After the ride I headed home once again for a shower and my beach gear. Cinnamon (yes thats her real name) came over and we loaded the boogie boards and beach mats in the truck and headed out. Heather met us there and we lathered on the sunscreen, put on our hats, and got some great rays!! After a while of course you get hot so we ran into the surf to brave the waves and try some boogie boarding. I learned really fast that you dont really get anywhere on one of those things without flippers so after a couple rounds I was done and so were the girls. We came in for more sun and chatting. One more time in the water before we left and then we headed to Wahoo’s for some grub.
So now the weekend is almost over and I should be rested but really I am exhausted!! I had a great weekend and now I am bummed I have to go to work tomorrow. Well I guess its only 5 more days until the next weekend!! And the countdown begins!!!

Parting Shot: So do you think he was expecting rain???

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