13 Jul

The Best Vacation Ever!!

My second family the Hawes’ always go to Bar Lazy J Dude Ranch for vacation. In the past I have never been able to go, but the last time they went I started saving my money for the next trip. I didn’t want to miss it. I had been looking forward to this trip for a very long time and then the time finally came. We boarded a plane to Colorado Springs and then drove 3 hours up to the ranch.

The Ranch is in a small town called Parshall, really small. When we got there we went to our rooms to unpack. My cabin was called “Pink Lady”. It was a one bedroom with a bathroom and a front porch that I could sit and watch the Colorado River from since it was about 100 feet from my front door. I slept with the window open at night so I could hear the river. I thought it was going to be rustic there but my cabin was like a 5 star hotel. The housekeepers would come by when I was at breakfast and clean and then again when I was at dinner to turn on my lights and put a candy on my pillow. There was a cooler on my porch that I put some drinks in and they filled it with ice everyday.

The ranch itself was beautiful and it was surrounded by beautiful country. When I got there I felt like I was in heaven. It was very magical.

Sunday when we got there the first thing we did was go to dinner and then meet our horse. I went there with the idea that I was going to get a Paint, since I always wanted one when I had horses before. I event went to a Paint auction to buy my last horse and somehow ended up bringing home a Buckskin. So thats what I wanted. Then it came time to get my horse and they bring over this Chestnut. My heart was kinda broken, but the next day when I got on her and we got to know each other I fell in love with her. Her name is Short Cake and she was very easy to pick out because she had a 3 Bar brand on her shoulder. She was very fast and had a cool personality. She was very careful where she put her feet and kept a good eye out on what was in front of her at all times. Her gait was kinda bouncy but her speed made up for it.

We also met the Wranglers, they were a little tied up!

And King and Queen the ranch dogs. They even went on a couple rides with us but at the end of the week Queen was a little too excited to meet a new friend (porcupine) and ended up with some quills in her nose. She didn’t like it when they were removed.

I can’t forget about Cowboy!

The meal bell would ring 30 minutes before each meal. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. After lunch we would go on our morning activity which could be riding, hiking, fishing, relazing or anything you wanted. I always picked Adventure Riding. I wanted to do as much riding as I could while I was there and twice a day wasn’t enough even though I was totally sore from it.

There were a couple of days when we did all day rides and some other horse involved activities like the obstacle course and the “Cow Pushing” day. We had to get 6 cows to go through gates and pens which turned out to be harder than it looked. We had a blast!!

At the beginning of every day the horses are brought up to the ranch from the pasture, all 90+ of them. Then at the end of the day they are brought back to the pature for the night. So we begin the day with the sound of a herd of horses coming up the street and end the day with the same “clickity clacking” sound.

Being at the Ranch for 7 days was truely amazing for me. I had more fun than I have had in a long time. It was really special for me to ride horses again. When I was a kid I begged my parents for a horse and when I finally got one I remember how happy I was. I have many great memories with horses. As an adult I look back on that special bond I had with my horses and wish I had that today. Having that bond again even for only a week was very magical. The trip was worth every penny and I can’t wait to go again!
Here are some other shots from the trip:

Parting Shot!

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  1. timeilearned August 6, 2008 at 5:39 pm #

    I love all the photos on your blog – This trip looks like it was SO fun!~Keri

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