El Moro Poker Ride

10 Jul

June 14, 2008

Well another year and another Poker Ride at El Moro. This year was like no other!! We raised over $6000 for Crystal Cove Interpretive Society and had over 160 participants. It was amazing. New Belgium Brewing was a sponsor again this year so there was plenty of beer and hot dogs for everyone, well that is until we ran out of beer!!

Friday we all gathered at El Moro for set up.
We had some pizza and made sure the beer was all right!!
After we fueled up we were ready to start the set up. We hung a few banners and staked out all the vendor areas.
While the vendor area was set up, registration was setting up all their areas.
Then Saturday came the big day. For those of you who don’t know what a poker ride is, you basically get a map and it has 6 stations on it that you have to go to and get a playing card. You draw from the deck and that is the card you get. If you go to all 6 stations you will have 6 cards you can choose the best 5 of to achieve a good poker hand. Now there is a 7th station and that will give you 7 cards to choose from. We call that the “Rover” or the roaming station. There is no set point on the map for this station you basically have to find it. For several years now I have been the roaming station (I missed last year). And I always dress the part!
Things can get a little crazy at the checkpoints.

After all the riding and getting all your cards it was time to head back to the real fun!! With lots of hot dogs and plenty of beer everyone had a great time. There were a lot of raffle items and in the end 2 bikes were given away!!

Parting Shot

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