10 Jul
Grandma’s 90th Birthday!!! at the Cape!I think each candle represents 10 years! But you would never know cause she doesn’t look a day over 50.

Well I was off to Boston on a plane and then a bus to Cape Cod. I hadn’t been there since I was little so it was all new to me. I was a little bummed I didn’t get to spend any time in Boston but I do want to come back and visit for sure. It did look cool from the bus!

When I got to the Cape my uncle picked me up and we went to his house to see everyone. I really enjoy being with my family and this trip was going to be fun since almost everyone was going to be there. My grandma has 6 children and all of them were there except my uncle Tom who recently had surgery and my mom’s sister Pat who passed away years ago. My counsins were all there and even some special guests. My uncle Joey used to be a Catholic Priest and Father Pat was there who he worked with him for several years and my great aunt Lucile and my aunt’s sister Lani was there also.
I really enjoyed sitting around talking to everyone but we did do some site seeing. One day we went to Province Town. It was a really cute and fun town and the shopping was great. There was a lot of really good looking guys but mostly everyone there was gay or lesbian. Too bad.

The next day was my cousin Teresa’s Birthday so we took her on a little cruise to see the Kennedy’s house. Of course on the way there were several picture opportunities.

I am in the front on the right and next to me is the Birthday girl Teresa and next to her is her aunt Lani. On the top is her mom, Bev and sister Michelle. The next picture is the Kennedy compound. Its the one on the left with the three pointed tops. It looks kinda small if you ask me.

This is me and my mommy and the other pic is of me and my little cousin Savanna.
The next day was the big party at the golf course. It was a great venue and the food was good. We were set up in two long tables on the patio which I thought was not good for mingling but I think my grandma was happy and thats all that counts!

The first picture is my Father Pat, Grandma, and Uncle Clate. The second pic is G-ma with all the grandkids.

And so there was a great vacation. Although on the last day I went back to the Boston airport and while I was waiting to depart and crazy thunder and lightning storm came in and delayed my plan to Salt Lake. I missed my connection and had to stay the night in Salt Lake. I was late to work the next day and had little sleep but it was all worth it.

Parting shot.
G-ma with her gambling money that everyone pitched in so she could go to the casino. The next week my mom and her sister took my grandma to the casino with her jug-o-money and my G-ma won not 1 but 2 $1000 jackpots!!! She has all the luck!

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